Community Support

Together provides a range of community-based support across England.

Community Support

The aim of our community-based services is to provide holistic support to each individual we work alongside. This approach ensures that our experienced staff teams focus on social, physical and financial wellbeing, in addition to emotional and psychological support, as we understand there is a greater risk of experiencing challenges in these areas due to severe and enduring mental distress.

One of the core values of Together is collaboration, and we embody this in our services with the people we work alongside and our workforce, but also with our colleagues across the health and social care sector, to ensure we are able to achieve the best outcomes for the people we work alongside.

We are also experienced in developing services that provide safe spaces for people out of hours, to reduce pressure on local A&E departments, whilst first and foremost, reducing the risk to the individual experiencing a crisis.

Each of our community support services are grounded in our core values and principles of service user leadership, whereby we value and champion the voice of people experiencing mental distress, placing their experiences, wants and needs at the centre of their care.  We do this through taking a strengths-based approach and working creatively, in addition to developing both welcoming and safe environments that allow individuals to build confidence and achieve their goals.

Together currently offer the following community based services:-

Our Wandsworth Your Way model of personalised community support provides goal-focused, flexible support with an emphasis on ensuring that those using the service are in control of their support. The service puts people who use it at the centre of the support they receive and gives them as much choice and control as they like.

Our Warwickshire Housing Related Support Service supports people with a range of disability needs who would benefit from short-term housing related support.

Our Norfolk Integrated Housing and Community Support Service supports adults with severe and enduring mental distress, including individuals with complex needs. The service supports people across the whole of Norfolk in supported living and within the community.

Our Southwark Wellbeing Hub and Lewisham Wellbeing Hub services provide information and support for anyone in Southwark experiencing problems with their mental wellbeing. We take time to understand what people need and help them navigate local services, groups and activities so that they can find the right support.

Our Berkshire West Breathing Space and Southwark Community Sanctuary services are safe, welcoming and supportive spaces for anybody aged over 18 experiencing emotional distress and struggling to cope. Whatever the reason for you feeling distressed or in crisis – we’re here to help you.